Sharp pencils, colourful crayons & bristling brushes ... our pictures paint a 1000 words in a fraction of a second.

Dynamic visual solutions explain complex

information in an 'easy-to-digest' medium,

or simply wrap your project with charisma and style.

iCarley Media ... motion graphics for

broadcast, for corporate, for online,

for you.

animating art since 1987.


All Over The Place

Spy School


©2019 by Ian Carley, iCarley Media 

I love what we do.  Very happy to pitch for projects, brainstorm ideas or help with development work for potential commissions. 


For creative, technical or financial advice before starting a project, please give me a buzz ... it can potentially save time and budget later on in your production.


We can work to a fixed quote or to your set budget and work with you to deliver the most creative and effective visual solutions to the required brief.

From full channel brands, title sequences, or a simple logo.  We can also provide weekly

cover for ongoing programming such as news and sport, all very flexible, tailored to your

specific requirements and delivered with a passion for drawing and colouring in!


Rank the Prank